Actor:  Marcus Thomas

Winner:  Best Cast (Kapow)

Derrick - Roman's best friend, and also a scientist.  Derrick is using Roman to be part of his own experiment.  An ambiguous personality with his own agenda, you cannot tell if he's a good guy or bad guy.  Derrick seems really genuine, but is he?

Actor:  David Garry

Winner:  Best Cast (Kapow)

David recently directed the award-winning James Dean fan documentary "Deaners" in festivals now!

The Boss - Roman’s boss, a man with a violent temper and a bad attitude.  Inappropriate, biased and one-sided, he is the guy everyone loves to hate.

Actor:  Barrett Gregory


Winner:  Outstanding Actor (Hollywood International)

Winner:  Award of Merit Special Mention (Accolade Global)

Nominated:  Best Director (Kapow), Best Screenplay (Madrid International)

Roman Lonergan "Romes" - The every-man role with the everyday job.  A guy who is down on his luck in a dead-end job, Roman is a very nice guy, but does not seem to be able to get ahead in life.   Unlucky, a little nerdy and a little adventurous.

Simms has a really tough job, and working for the government often forces him to be put in tough positions, but has a good heart.  He respects Roman, understands he is not in control of his own situation and tries to help, even if his job is not to help.

Actress/Producer:  Ashleigh Boiros


Winner:  Award Of Merit (Accolade Global)

Jeanine - A smart woman who is strong, sweet-natured and quick-witted.  A runner, she is honest, loyal and dependable.  She sees the happy side of life and is a genuinely good person, despite working in a dead-end job.

Barrett Gregory



Actor:  Sebastien Cuk

Jacques - A friendly Frenchman, Jacques is dependable, nice and genuine.  The guy who roots for you to succeed.

Actor:  EMMY Winner Kim Estes


Actor:  Justin Sorvillo

Tom - A the chauvinistic, cocky worker in Roman’s office.  He makes you think he is being your friend, but ultimately is being mean to you and loves to stir up drama.  Anything to distract himself from working, his spidey sense of hearing makes him an adversary in the workplace, always popping up to get in everyone’s business.

Winner:  Best Cast (Kapow)

Kim just won an Emmy for Outstanding Actor in a Short Form Comedy or Drama for his role in "Dicks"!