Barrett Gregory


AMC Universal Private Screening

F. A. S. H. Film Festival


A unique sci-fi TV Pilot with comedy, action and romance!

KAPOW Intergalactic Film Festival

World Premiere


1)  Filmmatic Filmmaker Awards (Best TV Pilot)

2)  Yosemite International Film Festival (Best TV Pilot)

3)  KAPOW Intergalactic Film Festival (Best Action, Best Cast)

4)  Best Shorts Competition (Award of Merit - TV Pilot)

5)  21st Annual Indie Gathering (Honorable Mention)

6)  SaMo Indie Film Festival (Honorable Mention)

7)  Experimental Forum (Honorable Mention)

8)  US Hollywood International Film Festival (Winner - Outstanding Actor - Barrett Gregory)

9)  F. A. S. H. Film Festival (Official Selection)

10)  Bloodstained Indie Film Festival (Official Selection)

11)  North Carolina Film Awards (Official Selection)

12)  California Film Awards (Winner - Silver Award - TV Production)

13)  Madrid International Film Festival (2 Nominations)

14)  Honolulu Film Awards (Golden Kahuna)

15)  American Movie Awards (Honorable Mention)

16)  Accolade Global Film Competition (Official Selection)

17)  Red Corner Film Festival (Winner - Best Sci-Fi)

18)  Hollywood Verge Film Awards (Official Selection)

19)  Glendale International Film Festival (Official Selection)

20)  Alternative Film Festival (Nominated:  Best Sci-Fi and Best Comedy)

US Hollywood International Film Festival Golden Film Award Ceremony


Winner:  Best TV Pilot - Yosemite International Film Festival

Winner:  Best TV Pilot - Filmmatic Filmmaker Awards

Winner:  Outstanding Actor - Barrett Gregory - US Hollywood

Winner:  Leading Actor - Barrett Gregory - Award of Merit Special Mention - Accolade Global Film Competition

Winner:  Best Cast - KAPOW

Winner:  Best Action - KAPOW

Winner:  Best Sci-Fi - Red Corner Film Festival

Winner:  Golden Kahuna Award - TV Pilot - Honolulu Film Awards

Winner:  Silver Film Award - TV - California Film Awards

Winner:  Award of Merit - TV Pilot - Best Shorts Competition

Winner:  Supporting Actress (Ashleigh Boiros) - Award of Merit - Accolade Global Film Competition

Nominated:  Best Director (Barrett Gregory) - KAPOW

Nominated:  Best Screenplay (Barrett Gregory) - Madrid International Film Festival

Nominated:  Best Editing (Frank Mohler) - Madrid International Film Festival

Honorable Mentions:  American Movie Awards, SaMo Indie, Indie Gathering, Experimental Forum

Overall:  11 Awards, 6 Nominations, 4 Honorable Mentions and 20 Official Selections!

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We had our WORLD PREMIERE of The Parallel Project at KAPOW Intergalactic Film Festival, receiving 3 nominations and winning 2 awards - BEST ACTION and BEST CAST for an Action/Drama/Sci-Fi Short!
We also held a private screening at AMC CityWalk 19 Luxury Theaters, and had a full house and a second screening at half capacity, exclusively to see The Parallel Project! 

Glendale International Film Festival